The six Regional Representatives and one Para Representative were elected by each Commonwealth Games Association’s (CGAs) Athlete Representative Body (ARB) who voted for their Regional Representative as well as electing a Para Representative.

The Athletes’ Advisory Commission (AAC) is chaired by Brendan Williams who will be joined by the following Athlete representatives: 

Para Representative: Matt Levy – Australia (Swimming)

Matt Levy OAM is a five-time Paralympian and competed at the 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games, becoming the first male para swimmer to successfully defend his title at the Games when he won the men’s 50m freestyle S7 in Birmingham in 2022. He announced his retirement from swimming during the Birmingham Games.  

He became a member of the Australian Athlete Advisory Group in 2018 and in this role has enabled the athletes voice to be heard to create a more effective environment for the athletes collectively. Since 2019, Matt has been a member of the CGF Athletes’ Advisory Commission, supporting the creation of more opportunities for Para-athletes to participate through the GAPS program and promoting growth of Para-athletes across the Commonwealth regions. Matt has been re-elected to continue his role as the Para representative of the AAC.  

Africa Representative: Moroke Mokhotho – Lesotho (Boxing)

Moroke Mokhotho was born in Lesotho in 1990. He competed in the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, boxing in the Flyweight division where he successfully won two bouts before losing in the quarter finals to Muhammad Waseem of Pakistan. He went on to represent Lesotho at the 2016 Olympic Games and at the Commonwealth Games in both the Gold Coast in 2018 and Birmingham 2022.  In March 2022, Mokhotho opened his own sports academy in Ha-Thetsane, Maseru.

Moroke’s journey is marked by a series of achievements in governance as well as sport. He is fuelled by a deep-seated desire to champion the interests of athletes and spearhead transformative initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity, equity, and excellence within sports governance. Moroke's vision is one of empowerment and progress, where athletes are afforded the support, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive both on and off the field of play

Americas Representative: Chelsea Edghill – Guyana (Table Tennis)

Chelsea Edghill is a Guyanan Table Tennis athlete who participated in both the 2014 and 2022 Commonwealth Games. She was also the first player from Guyana to complete at the Olympic Games in Table Tennis and carried the national flag at the opening ceremony. She graduated in 2019 from Lindenwood University in St Charles Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and has since acquired a Post Graduate Certificate in International Sports Management. 

Chelsea has a passion for positive change within the sporting community. She continuously pushes boundaries and seeks to inspire her fellow athletes through her own achievements. She currently serves as the Chair of the Guyana Athletes Commission, representing the interests of athletes at the national level, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. 

Asia Representative: Terry Tay – Singapore (Gymnastics)

Terry Tay spent 24 years representing Singapore in Artistic Gymnastics. He competed at the 2014 and 2022 Commonwealth Games and also attended the 2011 Commonwealth Youth Games in the Isle of Man. Terry's impact goes beyond trophies and records. In 2022, Terry was appointed to the Singapore National Olympic (SNOC) Athlete's Commission, with the mission to represent the views of Singaporean athletes within the SNOC. His dedication and commitment to be a voice for Singaporean athletes, In 2023, he had secured the position on the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Athletes' Commission. 

He believes the athlete voice is powerful – it unites people amidst their differences and inspires others to face their challenges in life. He knows firsthand that Sport allows people find their voice to express themselves and that everyone can make a difference no matter age, gender, life phase.

Caribbean Representative: Makeba Alcide - St Lucia (Athletics)

Makeba Alcide has represented Saint Lucia in athletics, netball and rugby spanning over a career of 20 years, during which she was named St Lucia's Sportswoman of the Year and NCAA Field Athlete of the Year. 

Her role as a Physiotherapist at the St Lucia Sports Academy and as the Chairperson of the St Lucia Athletes’ Commission underscores her commitment to advocating for athletes' interests, ensuring their voices are heard in decision-making forums.

In 2022, Makeba participated in the World Athletics Pilot Mentorship Course, where she graduated with top honours and became a certified World Athletics mentor. Combined with her leadership and coaching skills Makeba is looking to inspire athletes to realize their fullest potential on the international stage, and to make a significant impact in promoting an athlete-centric approach to governance.

Europe Representative: Suzy Drane – Wales (Netball)

Suzy Drane has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Sport Development and Management for 12 years, been part of a high-performance team environment for 20 years and had the privilege of being Wales Netball captain for 12 years, before retiring from playing. Her academic and sporting experiences led her to be accepted onto the Commonwealth Games Wales Athlete Commission in April 2023. 

Within this role she has been a representative voice on matters affecting the athletes; been an agent of positive change to policy development for the future; and nurtured belonging and pride in athletes across the Commonwealth.

Oceania Representative: Julia Ratcliffe - New Zealand (Athletics)

Julia Ratcliffe was involved in athletics for over 20 years, retiring from competition in 2023. She represented New Zealand at the 2014, 2018, and 2022 Commonwealth and the 2020 Olympic Games. Julia currently serves on the Board of Athletics Auckland and the Athletics New Zealand Athlete’s Commission. 

Julia is a passionate advocate of the Oceania region and is honoured to have the opportunity to connect with them further and represent them on the Commonwealth Sport AAC.