The CGF Safeguarding Policy aims to set a framework to protect all individuals connected with CGF, in particular children and adults at risk, including adult athletes, from any type of harm and/or abuse when they come into contact with CGF or are engaged in activities connected to CGF.

The policy sets out safeguarding responsibilities for CGF Officials and others who engage with the CGF. It also ensures CGF Officials and others know how to respond appropriately when concerns are raised about children or adults at risk.

The Safeguarding policy is effective in conjunction with other CGF policies including, but not limited to Code of Ethics and Conduct, Human Rights Policy Statement, Whistleblowing Policy and Data Protection Policy.

Everyone at the CGF is expected to create and maintain an environment that prevents the abuse and exploitation of children and adults and take appropriate action to minimise risks to children and adults at risk in accordance with the CGF Safeguarding Policy and any related guidance and procedures.

How do I report a safeguarding concern?

If you see, experience or suspect that you are not safe or someone is not safe, has been harmed and/or is at risk of harm or if you suspect that a CGF official is in breach of the CGF Safeguarding Code of Conduct or safeguarding policy please direct your concern to
If you think someone is at immediate risk please treat this as an emergency and contact your local emergency services.

This email address is monitored by the Head of Safeguarding and the Compliance & Contracts Manager, they will acknowledge receipt of your email and deal with the concern in accordance with the CGF Confidentiality policy.