Sport underpins the unique connections and friendships which bring together a third of the world’s population as citizens of the nations and territories of the Commonwealth. For more than nine decades the Commonwealth Games Federation has taken a global leadership role in uniting the Commonwealth’s athletes, citizens and communities through the transformative and connecting power of sport.

We're inspired by the diversity and dynamism of the Commonwealth itself - a voluntary association of 74 nations and territories - and its enduring commitment to human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Among our membership are some of the world’s largest and smallest countries, from India, with over 1.2 billion people to Niue with a population of 1,600.  More than 60% of the Commonwealth citizens are under 30. 

The CGF is transitioning from a governing body with a series of quadrennial events, to a global sporting movement, focused on driving wider social change. We have created a bold new essence ‘Sport is only the beginning’, that helps us refocus on our origins as a progressive leader in sport and social development, demonstrating the power of sport to unlock our human potential and transform lives. We have created a new identity that is simple, graphic and modern, capable of speaking the language of contemporary sport and stand out in the field of play, whether that field is at the centre of a 60,000 seater stadium, or at the heart of a small developing community, and made the important change to our brand name. The Commonwealth Games federation becomes Commonwealth Sport.

This new name and positioning translates into a brand that respects the heritage of our organisation while crafting an image that is much more contemporary, open and uplifting, with an identity that echoes the instinctive action of athletes as they celebrate their success.

Today, Commonwealth Sport is far more than the curator of a great Games. As a cornerstone of the Commonwealth itself, our dynamic sporting movement – driven by its values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny – has a key role to play in an energised, engaged and active Commonwealth of Nations and Territories. And with new members joining, a hugely successful Birmingham 2022, Trinbago 2023 Youth Games and preparations for the next Games, the Commonwealth is entering an era of renewed relevance.

Every organisation and individual that works with us and supports us in our mission is part of the Commonwealth Sports Movement.