The Commonwealth Games Federation ("CGF", "we", "us" or "our") is committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data. CGF are a 'data controller' for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR ("Data Protection Legislation"), and we are responsible for, and control the processing of any personal data you share with us. 

This Privacy Notice sets out more information about what we do with your personal data and applies to information about:

  • Visitors to our website (including its subdomains), or
  • Anyone who contacts us by post, phone or email, or through forms or questionnaires on the website, or otherwise.
  • Your account if you have registered to have a Commonwealth Sport account.

Your information may be used in the manner described below by the Commonwealth Games Federation ("CGF", "we", "us", "our") and other named CGF affiliates.

About Commonwealth Sport

Commonwealth Sport is the public facing brand of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and is used to promote the Commonwealth Sport Movement – which includes the Commonwealth Games, Commonwealth Youth Games, Commonwealth Games Federation Partnership ("CGFP") and the Commonwealth Sport Foundation.

CGF is the organisation responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games, and for delivering on the vision of the Commonwealth Sports Movement: to build peaceful, sustainable and prosperous communities globally by inspiring Commonwealth Athletes to drive the impact and ambition of all Commonwealth Citizens through Sport.

CGFP was established in 2017 as a joint venture entity of the CGF and SportFive. The focus of CGFP is on delivering sustainable and long-term solutions to enhance the Commonwealth Sport Movement and the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Sport Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Commonwealth Sport Movement (registered charity 1173238 in England and Wales) and is the official charity of Commonwealth Sport.

More information about Commonwealth Sport can be found by clicking here


For any questions or issues in relation to this Privacy Notice, please write to our Data Protection Officer at:

Data Protection Officer,
Commonwealth Games Federation
8 Storey's Gate

Email: privacy@thecgf.com


We process the following personal data:

  • "Contact Data" includes information such as your name, preferred name, postal address, business and/or personal email address, telephone number, organisation, role.
  • "Account Data" includes name, email address (username) and password.
  • “Marketing and Communications Data” includes your preferences in receiving marketing from us and our third parties, your communication preferences, and also your sport and event type preferences.


We are allowed to process your personal data for the following purposes and on the following legal bases:

Type of Personal Data Purpose Lawful basis for processing

Contact Data

For responding to your enquiry Legitimate Interests: we need to process this personal data to be able to communicate with you in relation to your enquiry.
Account Data To maintain your Commonwealth Sport account and provide you with your preferred content. Consent
Marketing and Communications Data

To provide you with information about:
·       CGF
·       Commonwealth Games;
·       other CGF events and activities and about

Consent (via opt in)

 Where we have relied on ‘legitimate interests’ i.e. we have good, sensible, practical reasons for processing your personal data which is in the interests of CGF, we have considered the impact on your interests and rights, and have placed appropriate safeguards to ensure that the intrusion on your privacy is reduced as much as possible.


In order to conduct our events and activities we will need to share your personal information with some third-party organisations either because they are a service provider or for legal, regulatory or health and safety reasons:

(a)   Organising Committees ("OC")

Although we are responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games, Organising Committees are the organisations responsible for overseeing the planning, development and staging of a Commonwealth Games.

For future Commonwealth Games, we may share some of your personal information with the appointed Organising Committee for future Games and Youth Games for the purpose of providing you with personalised content via your Commonwealth Sport account. The Organising Committees will be controllers of your personal data.

(b)  Commonwealth Sport Foundation

If you consent to receive marketing information from Commonwealth Sport Foundation (charity number:1173238), then we will share your personal information with Commonwealth Sport Foundation for them to provide you with specific email and/or mobile communications related to their charitable objectives, news and events.

(c)   CGFP

If you consent to receive marketing information from CGFP then we will share your personal information with CGFP for them to provide you with specific email and/or mobile communications related to their news and events.

(d)  Law enforcement

We will share your personal information with government authorities and other third parties when compelled to do so by government and law enforcement authorities or as otherwise required or permitted by law, including but not limited to in response to court orders. We cooperate with law enforcement inquiries and other third parties to enforce laws, intellectual property rights, and relevant third party rights.

(e)   Service providers

Like any business, we use service providers to facilitate normal business functions such as hosting services, IT support services, marketing campaigns etc. These service providers are usually our processors. They can only access and use information as necessary to provide their services to us. For more information on the service providers we work with, please email or write to us (see ‘‘How to contact us?’ section above).


If you make a simple request for information about CGF or any Commonwealth Games, we will retain your personal data for no longer than six months. This will enable us to answer your enquiry and to deal with any further enquiries or complaints you may have relating to your initial enquiry. After six months, your personal data will be deleted.

If you register for a Commonwealth Sport account we will retain your personal data for no longer than 5 years from your last interaction with the account. This will enable us to maintain your account and provide you will personalised content relating to the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Sport. After 5 years from your last interaction with the account, your personal data will be deleted.

We will keep your information only for as long as is reasonably necessary to the purpose for which we process it.  We will then ensure your personal data is deleted.


We may need to transfer your data overseas, outside of the United Kingdom (UK) or the European Economic Area (EEA) to service providers that host or otherwise process data outside of the UK or EEA. 

Where information is transferred outside the UK, EEA or a country which is not recognised by the European Commission and/or the UK Secretary of State as providing an adequate level of protection, we will put in place appropriate safeguards, including [a data transfer mechanism which has been approved by the government to provide you with safeguards for your data.] For more information about these transfer mechanisms, please email or write to us (see ‘‘How to contact us?’’ section above).


You have the following rights under Data Protection Legislation:

  • the right to be informed
  • the right of access to personal data relating to you
  • the right to correct any mistakes in your information
  • the right to ask us to stop contacting you with direct marketing
  • rights in relation to automated decision taking  
  • the right to restrict or prevent your personal data being processed
  • the right to have your personal data ported to another data controller (e.g. if you decide to contract with a different supplier).
  • the right to erasure (also known as the right to be forgotten)
  • The right to withdraw consent

These rights are explained in more detail below, but if you have any comments, concerns or complaints about our use of your personal data, please email or write to us (see ‘‘How to contact us?’’ section above).

We will respond to any rights that you exercise within a [month] of receiving your request, unless the request is particularly complex, in which case we will respond within three months.

Right to be informed

We are required to tell you what data we collect about you, how it is being used, how long it will be kept and whether it will be shared with any third parties. We meet this requirement by providing you with this Privacy Notice.

Right to access personal data relating to you

You may ask to see what personal data we hold about you and be provided with:

  • a copy;
  • details of the purpose for which it is being or is to be processed;
  • details of the recipients or classes of recipients to whom it is or may be disclosed, including if they are overseas and what protections are used for those oversea transfers; 
  • the period for which it is held (or the criteria we use to determine how long it is held); 
  • any information available about the source of that data; and
  • whether we carry out an automated decision-making, or profiling, and where we do information about the logic involved and the envisaged outcome or consequences of that decision or profiling.
  • Requests for your personal data must be made to our Data Protection Officer in writing and a copy will be retained on your personnel file. 
  • To help us find the information easily, please give us as much information as possible about the type of information you would like to see. 
  • If, to comply with your request, we would have to disclose information relating to or identifying another person, we may need to obtain the consent of that person if possible. If we cannot obtain consent, we may need to withhold that information or edit the data to remove the identity of that person if possible.
  • There are certain types of data which we are not obliged to disclose to you, which include personal data which records our intentions in relation to any negotiations with you where disclosure would be likely to prejudice those negotiations. 

Right to correct any mistakes in your information

You can require us to correct any mistakes in your information which we hold free of charge. If you would like to do this, please email or write to us (see ‘How to contact us?’ above). You will need to provide us with enough information to be able to identify you. You will also need to notify us what personal data we hold about you is incorrect and what it should be replaced with.

Right to ask us to stop contacting you with direct marketing

You can ask us to stop contacting you with marketing materials about Commonwealth Games Federation 

If you would like to do this, please email or write to us (see ‘How can you contact us?’ section above) or you can also click on the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the email newsletter. It may take a few business days for this action to be implemented.

Rights in relation to automated decision taking/making

You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects you.

These rights will not apply in all circumstances, for example where the decision is authorised or required by law and steps have been taken to safeguard your interests.

Right to prevent processing of personal data

You have the right to request that we stop processing your personal data temporarily if: 

  • You do not think that your data is accurate. We will start processing again once we have checked whether or not it is accurate;
  • the processing is unlawful but you do not want us to erase your data;
  • we no longer needs the personal data for our processing, but you need the data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims; or
  • you have objected to processing because you believe that your interests should override our legitimate interests.

Right to erasure (also known as the right to be forgotten)

In certain circumstances you can ask us to erase your personal data where:

  • you do not believe that we need your data in order to process it for the purposes set out in this privacy notice;
  • if you had given us consent to process your data, you withdraw that consent and we cannot otherwise legally process your data; 
  • you object to our processing and we do not have any legitimate interests that mean we can continue to process your data; or
  • your data has been processed unlawfully or have not been erased when it should have been.

Right to withdraw consent

We will not process your personal data until you have given your consent for one or more specific purposes as listed above. We continue to process your information on the consent basis until you withdraw your consent or it can be reasonably assumed that your consent no longer exists. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting our Data Protection Officer (please see the ‘how to contact us’ section above).

We hope that we can satisfy queries you may have about the way we process your personal data. If you have any concerns about how we process your personal data, you can email or write to us (see ‘‘How to contact us?’’ section above). You are also entitled to complain directly to the relevant supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). 


We regularly review and, where necessary, update our privacy information. If we plan to use personal information for a new purpose, we update our privacy information and will communicate the changes by updating this Privacy Notice. Please check our website occasionally to ensure you are aware of the most recent version of this notice. 

This Privacy Notice is version 2 and is effective from July 2022.