The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) is the organisation responsible for the direction and control of the Commonwealth Games, the Commonwealth Sport movement and other related events and activities organised to further the objectives of the CGF


The CGF's directors collectively are the Executive Board who work with the the affiliated Member CGAs to manage to CGF. The Directors are elected by the 72 members nations and territories at the annual CGF General Assembly meetings

Objectives of the Federation

  • To deliver inspirational and innovative Commonwealth Games, built on friendships and a proud heritage, supported by a dynamic Commonwealth Sports Cities Network;

  • To nurture and develop one of the best governed and well-managed sports movements federations in the world;

  • To attract and build on public, private and social partnerships that widely benefit Commonwealth athletes, sports and communities;

  • To champion, through its brand, Commonwealth athlete, citizen and community engagement in everything we do; and

  • To encourage and assist sport development, physical recreation and charitable activities associated with sport.