The Commonwealth Sport funded programmes align with our strategic priorities to develop inclusive sport opportunities throughout the Commonwealth for everyone. Whether this is providing the opportunity to work within the sports sector or developing an inclusive sport participation pathway, the funded programmes strive to ensure that every individual can find their place within sport. 

At Commonwealth Sport we want to ensure that the power of sport is available to everyone across the Commonwealth. To achieve this goal, the Commonwealth Sport Foundation (CSF) offers grants to programmes working towards the same objective. Game Changers is the first grant programme offered by the CSF. 

Game Changers

What is it?
Launched in July 2020, Game Changers a grant initiative funded by the Commonwealth Sport Foundation. Using the power of sport and the shared values of the Commonwealth, Game Changers seeks to help establish the Commonwealth Movement as progressive leaders in social change to unleash our human potential and transform lives.

Who is it for?
The Game Changers grants are exclusively available to Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) for projects that are more than just a sporting event but have a social impact component to them. The grant has been designed to support all CGAs as we move towards being more than just a Games every four years, to a Commonwealth Sport Movement.
How can the grants be used?

All grants distributed under this programme are of a charitable nature. The purpose is to support CGAs with resources to deliver projects that will create community level change. With a focus to advance the Commonwealth’s fundamental values, promote unity and equality, empower youth and raise awareness on key global issues affecting our communities. United under this common purpose, we will contribute to the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the global agenda and will build towards a Commonwealth where all people enjoy peace, prosperity and sustainability.
What does success look like?

The goal is that by the end of 2022, all 72 CGAs will have had the opportunity to raise awareness, advocate for change and act to address social issues through the sport via this Game Changers grant.