At the heart of this celebration lies Commonwealth Sport and the athletes which represent our 74 Commonwealth Games Associations.

To mark the day, they have been sharing what being a Commonwealth athlete means to them and calling on people to #Unite. Sport has always served as a universal language, transcending boundaries and bringing people together regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs. Within the Commonwealth, this sentiment is particularly poignant, as our member nations span continents and cultures, each contributing their unique perspectives and talents.

Through the Commonwealth Games, we have witnessed first hand the transformative power of sport. These quadrennial celebrations not only showcase the incredible athletic prowess of the competitors but also serve as a catalyst for social cohesion and development. From the bustling streets of Glasgow to the sun-drenched beaches of Gold Coast, the Games have brought communities together, igniting a spirit of unity and pride that extends far beyond the sporting arena.

Commonwealth Day #Unite Campaign Video

Commonwealth Sport also serves as a powerful tool for social change, empowering individuals and communities to overcome adversity and strive for a brighter future. Through our Commonwealth Sport Development programmes we are committed to leveraging the power of sport to promote inclusivity and equality ensuring that our collective efforts leave a lasting legacy across the Commonwealth.

On Commonwealth Day, let us reaffirm our values of humanity, equality, and destiny that bind our diverse Commonwealth family together. Let us celebrate the remarkable achievements of our athletes and the enduring legacy of the Commonwealth Games. And let us continue to harness the power of sport as a force for good in our ever-changing world.

As we look ahead to the future, Commonwealth Sport remains committed to its vision of a Commonwealth united through sport. 

Happy Commonwealth Day to all!

Commonwealth Day #Unite Campaign