In the realm of athlete empowerment and strategic sports development, Mikel Thomas stands out as a beacon of inspiration and leadership. With a robust educational background and an illustrious career as an Athlete Strategy and Engagement Manager, Mikel has become synonymous with excellence in sport administration and strategic planning.
Mikel's educational journey laid a solid foundation for his strategic approach to athlete engagement. Armed with a Master's degree in Sport Administration from the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Kentucky, he seamlessly blends academic prowess with practical expertise.
Mikel has played a pivotal role in advancing sport development strategies, understanding governance, and enhancing sports organization structures. Noteworthy collaborations include his contributions to youth athlete development for the Lausanne 2020 Youth Winter Olympics and the implementation of Clean Sport education with the International Testing Agency.
Mikel's affiliation with Visa's Champions program, a corporate athlete transition initiative, showcases his commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Beyond this, he has extended his expertise to support the growth, launch, and scale of leading start-ups through innovative partnerships.
A distinguished athlete in his own right, Mikel's list of achievements is impressive. A Commonwealth Games participant, three-time Olympian for Trinidad and Tobago, a national record holder, seven-time National Champion, double Pan-American medallist, and a NACAC Champion—his athletic prowess speaks volumes.
As a leader, Mikel is a proponent of servant leadership and teamwork, always placing the needs of athletes at the forefront. His vision is clear: to engage, support, and empower Commonwealth athletes, fostering excellence in both their sports and personal lives. Working closely with the CGF Athletes’ Advisory Commission, Mikel is dedicated to enhancing programs through innovative and effective athlete engagement practices.
Personal integrity, visionary thinking, and a passion for innovation are the cornerstones of Mikel's character. These traits fuel his ambition to make a significant positive impact shaping the future of empowerment within the athlete community.