Launched in July 2020, Game Changers funding is available exclusively for Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs). The focus is on smaller projects that contribute to a larger vision of social change through sport, with new applicants asked to submit projects that support athletes in advocating for projects they believe in, under the theme ‘Athletes Voice’.

The Programme acts as a catalyst for positive social impact and community development, equipping CGAs with resources to implement projects that foster fundamental values, promote unity, empower youth, and raise awareness on key global issues. This has included a number of different initiatives to date, including a project to bring clean water to Sri Lanka and a Basketball Art School in Namibia which impacted 784 learners, boosted female representation, and trained 33 youth leaders.

Jen Goh, a former Game Changers grant recipient and renowned Singapore golfer, said: “The Game Changers grant enabled us to empower young people to dream through sports. Piloting a community-development model, where young people themselves were leading the change they wanted to see for themselves, required us to go deeper and work closely with the community itself. This is where the Games Changer grant’s model provided us the flexibility to build the trust needed and implement the programme over a longer duration. We are encouraged to see our efforts pay off, as the Lifelab initiative was adopted by the participants themselves to continue as a weekly youth-led club where young people can discover future pathways.”

CGF President, Dame Louise Martin and CEO Katie Sadleir, announced the funding after being welcomed to Singapore by Chris Chan, Secretary General of Commonwealth Games Association Singapore, and introduced to local Singapore athletes at Bishan Sports Hall, the training centre for the Singapore national gymnastics team.

Katie Sadleir, CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation, said: "Ahead of the Assembly, it’s been a privilege to meet dedicated local athletes here in Singapore and to announce a new round of Games Changers funding. The initiative is one of our key Development Programmes that encourages Nations to foster social change and embrace the values that bind the Commonwealth."

Dame Louise Martin, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, remarked: "Over the years, we have strived to create a platform that unites nations and empowers communities, inspiring athletes all over the Commonwealth and transforming lives through sport. As I step down from my role, I am filled with immense pride for all that we have achieved together and it is fitting that one of my last duties is to announce new funding for Game Changers. I will dearly miss the role I have cherished over the last eight years, but I am confident that new leaders will carry forward our legacy of unity, diversity and equality."

Jen Goh Biography
Jen Goh is a former national golfer who spent close to 10 years working towards her dream of becoming Singapore’s first female golfer to play on the LPGA Tour and Olympics. When her dream was dashed after five surgeries in as many years, she realised she needed to get a “real job”,  but one with the hope of making the world a better place. Today, she works with donors and charities to build thriving communities in Singapore.

Other athletes in attendance from the Singapore Gymnastics team included:

Senior Men’s Team:

  • Terry Tay 
  • Kaeson Lim
  • Zac Liew

Junior Men’s Team:

  • Kho Tong-Yu
  • Asher Pua
  • Abdul Barr Abdulatiff
  • JoviLoh
  • Nathanael Pek
  • Xavier Pang

Pre-Junior Men’s Team:

  • Jayden Han
  • Jonah Loh
  • Kaelan Leong
  • Aiken Tang
  • Jed Gooi
  • Mitchell Teo