Significant progress has been made and we are excited by the early concepts, which aim to reset and reframe the Games. We are now working collaboratively with the relevant Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) to undertake further detailed assessments, and aim to announce the 2026 Commonwealth Games Host shortly. Our CGAs have asked, and we have agreed, to keep their proposals confidential while this process is on-going.

The CGF would like to thank all CGAs who have been involved in the process for their hard work and commitment to the Commonwealth Sport Movement, as well as athletes, International Federations, National Governing Bodies and wider stakeholders for their continued patience and support.

Alongside this process, the CGF continues to accelerate work to refresh the Games, a key commitment of Commonwealth United, our Strategic Plan, 2023-2034, including exploring innovative new concepts and event opportunities and consulting with leaders across the global sporting landscape. Importantly, we have been focusing on how we can transform the Games to a collaborative and truly sustainable model, minimising costs and reducing its environmental footprint, whilst increasing social impact. Through this work we aim to create a modern, flexible blueprint for the future that inspires athletes, excites International Federations and potential Hosts, and is in the best interests of the wider Commonwealth Sport Movement.