The Declaration reflects the Commonwealth Sport Movement’s commitment to addressing issues of truth and reconciliation through sports and honouring the culture, heritage and experiences of Indigenous Peoples within the Commonwealth. Emphasising the holistic benefits of sports to Indigenous Peoples, it calls for 10 actions by stakeholders across sport. These actions include promoting physical, cultural, spiritual, and mental well-being, supporting sustainable sports policies and programs, investing in coaching and mentorship for Indigenous youth, and integrating Indigenous sports into schools and community programs.

Ava Hill, Former Chief and Co-Chair of the Indigenous Working Group said: "This Declaration represents a profound commitment to the rights and opportunities of Indigenous Peoples. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and dialogue. As we move forward, we are dedicated to ensuring that the principles outlined in this Declaration are implemented, leading to meaningful change for Indigenous communities across the Commonwealth."

The University of Victoria was instrumental in the development of the Declaration.  Kevin Hall, President and Vice-Chancellor commented: “On behalf of the University of Victoria, I am so pleased that the Lək̓ʷəŋən Declaration has been ratified. This declaration will support respectful partnerships with Indigenous communities and foster the inclusion of Indigenous athletes to access sport and recreation around the world. Congratulations on this achievement and to all those who worked hard to make it possible.” 

Photo caption: Chief Ava Hill presents a speech on Indigenous Declaration at the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly on 15 November 2023 in Singapore. (Photo by Annice Lyn/Getty Images for the Commonwealth Games Federation)