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OlympAfrica Centre Zambia, Stand 27007, New Kasangula Road, P.O. Box 36119, Lusaka, Zambia
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Alfred Foloko
Secretary General: Boniface Kambikambi
Media and Communications Officer: Felix Munyika

The Republic of Zambia, formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, joined the Commonwealth in 1964. It is a landlocked, fertile and mineral rich country on the Southern African plateau. It is bordered by eight countries, five of which are Commonwealth nations.

Making its debut in 1954, Zambia has competed at every Games since 1972 bar the 1986 Games in Edinburgh. Their first gold medal came in 1974 when Lotti Mwale won the mens light middleweight division in the boxing competition. They won two bronzes at Glasgow 2014, in Boxing and Judo.

The Zambia National Olympic Committee was formed in 1964 and is responsible for its participation in the Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth Youth Games.