Address: Olympic House, Bertil Harding Highway, PO Box 605, Mile 7, Bakau, Gambia
Phone: +220 890 3507

President: Beatrice Allen
Secretary General: Yorro Njie

The Republic of Gambia joined the Commonwealth in 1965 and is the smallest country in West Africa. Apart from a stretch of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean it is entirely surrounded by Senegal. Known as the smiling coast of Africa, the Gambia attended their first ever Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1970 winning bronze in the Men's High Jump. In Delhi 2010 they took part in three sports, Athletics, Boxing and Wrestling.

Delhi 2010 was their last Games, as The Gambia withdrew from the Commonwealth on 3rd October 2013. Following a change of Government in 2016 they successfully applied to rejoin the family of nations. Their membership of The Commonwealth was confirmed in February 2018, and they were once again welcomed back to the Commonwealth Games Federation at the General Assembly on 31 March 2018 on Australia’s Gold Coast. This paved the way for six athletes to compete at the XXI Commonwealth Games.