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The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) joined the Commonwealth in 1948. It is an island in the Indian Ocean, separated from India by the Palik Strait. However, it is almost linked to the Indian mainland by Adam's Bridge, an atoll barrier, mostly submerged, lying between the offshore island of Mannar and India itself.

Sri Lanka attended their first Commonwealth Games in 1938 in Sydney and celebrated by taking a boxing gold back home. Since 1990 they have enjoyed interrupted participation in the Games and continue to be an important member of the Games Family. At the 2006 Games in Melbourne Chintana Vidanage won gold in the men's 62kg weightlifting class, their first in this sport. They took home silver in the same sport in 2014 in Glasgow.

Established in 1937 the Sri Lanka National Olympic Committee organises the country's participation in the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.